Chrome Online TV

Chrome Online TV is free plug-in to watch online TV direct from your browser. With more than 3,000 TV channels from all over the world, this is the best way to easily watch TV on your computer.

DownloadInstalls in Seconds,

Includes Uninstaller
Online TV Watch More than 3000 online TV Stations from all over the world.

Online TV

Online RadioListen to more than 100 radio stations set by subject. Online Radio
Web search – Search the web with one click. Search
E-mail – Get a notification whenever you receive a new email. Email
Useful links – Visit the best online TV sites with our useful links button. Links
Highlight – You can highlight search terms in the page that you are in. Highlight
Weather updates – Check the weather of any city in the world. Weather

Translation – Use the Online Translation directly form your browser.


News flash – Get the latest update regarding Online TV from around the world.


Pop–up Blocker – Block annoying pop ups, cookie and history cleanup.


Watch online TV directly to your browser with Chrome Online TV. This plug-in is absolutely free, no charge at all. It has more than 3,000 TV channels from all over the world that let you watch this channels in the internet for free.

Aside having online TV in your browser with Chrome Online TV plug-in it also has online radio where you can listen to more than 100 radio station, web search where you can search with just one click, get e-mail notification when you receive new email, useful links button help you visit best Live TV, you check the weather updates in your location or other city, use online translation direct from the browser, receive latest update on online TV with news flash and pop-up blocker to block those annoying pop-ups, cookie and clean up history.

Chrome Online TV is the best and easy way to watch TV using your computer. With Chrome Online TV watching online TV been easy and what great about is it is free.

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